Hi guys.

Making a game is difficult. In fact is is downright hard, which is why, when you game turns out to be rather shitty, you get a bit down on yourself.

This is what happened with my last game “Gogo gets the Glow”, which did not get the praise that I was hoping it would (not that it deserved any parise at all).

However, the best thing you can do when you output a shitty game, is pull youself up by your boot straps and keep going, and in that spirit, I am happy to announce my next project… which does not have a name yet.

Ok, so I am still in early development on this title, but what I can disclose is the fact that it will be an isometric 3D experince with a deep space theme. I am looking forward to sharing this project, as your oppinions really matter to me, but for now, all I can share is this screen from the game: