game dev blues

Making a game is hard you guys.

I have been doing nothing over the last week but creating assets to fill the game with and while I thought it would be hard to make a POC, I realized that it’s actually much harder to make content to fill that game world with.

Never the less, I am still on track (somewhat) and shooting for that september 26th release date… even if that is a bit optimistic.

So, as a gift to you and a sign of good faith, I give you this shot of an enterior from the game.


3D woes

Hi guys

I have been working in 3D for the first time in a very long time, something that I did not thing would be as dificult as I am now learning that it is.

The really annoying thing is that I have worked in 3D (in this case blender) before and I remember it being a bitch to work with, but or some reason I throught that it would be a great idea to create a 3D game again.

I can’t say what I was thinking… I am now suspecting that I wasn’t thinking at all.

Never the less, I have now married myself to this game and I have put too much work in to turn back now, so tere is only one way forward: complaining allot and working more than I complain.

In that spirit, here is an exaple of what I have been working with (mind you, I think there is 5 hours of work in this file)

Hi guys

I am currently working on my next title called “Cryogenic” which will be out at the end of this month.

Builing a game required allot of structured thinking, but never more so than when you are creating a puzzle. There is allot that goes into making a puzzle, not least the fact that you have to figure out how the player is going to interact with it.

I am currently working on building a puzzle around one of my main character called Maggie. I want for a clue to the puzzle to be on the back of several photo’s of Maggie, which are hidden all around the station. Well, that is the plan, but I have yet to figure out if it’s going to work out… so here is hoping


Hi guys.

It is said that you never realize how messy somethong is, untill jeg are knees deep in it. I find that this apples to Videogame development in a very real way, as I have been working on my game “Cryogenic” non stop and the work seems to be never ending.

I am by No means a perfectionist, but still, there is a mountain of work ahead of me. Never the less, I will soldier on and I will make this happen… even if it kills me.

and on that note, here is another still from the upcomming game: